Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)


(private collection)

description A three-quarter length lithographic portrait of a baker rolling out pastry in the interior of his shop; the curving lines of his portly figure contrast with the sharp angle of the rectangular table in front of him. The heat of the kitchen is suggested by the fact that he is dressed only in trousers, vest and cap and the open sash window behind. One of a series of genre scenes reflecting the hard, working lives of the East End community, which are among the artist's best-known and most recognisable works. Frankfurther exhibited a sketch of the same subject at the East End Academy's annual exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1953, where the Birmingham Gazette, drawing attention to the fact that she worked as a waitress, commended her for painting 'some of the most affective [sic] of the 300 pictures int his year's East End Academy. There is nothing sugary-cakey about Eva Frankfurther's dark, sombre portraits of an old man and a Jew, and her Whitechapel sketches of a worker rolling pastry and a bent crone shuffling along the streets with a parcel under her arm.' The same article was reprised in the 'Yorkshire Observer', Bradford, under the headline "The Waitresses' Eye".

date c. 1952-57

location Whitechapel

medium lithograph

reference AKSJM1