Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)


(private collection)

description A half-length double portrait of two West Indian girls, seen in three quarter face view with their heads turned to the right. Their friendship is indicated by their relaxed body language as they sit close to one another with an air of patient anticipation, as if just setting off on an outing. The girl on the left, her hands clasped together over her handbag, wears a dark, heavy overcoat, while her companion wears a lighter coat but carries a partly unfurled umbrella. Both outfits are offset by lighter tones: from the richly patterned headscarf of the girl on the left, to the red dress, white hat and gold earring of her companion, all set against a pale pink background that serves to enhance the women's femininity and the sense of their being dressed for an occasion. Typically, Frankfurther concentrates on the upper part of the painting, particularly the women's faces and complexions, with their lower bodies and hands finished more sketchily and using thinner applications of paint. The setting is Whitechapel.

date c. 1951-58

location Whitechapel

dimensions 75 x 55 cm

medium Oil on paper

exhibition history 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Retrospective Exhibition', Ben Uri Art Gallery, 14 Berners Street, London W1, 14 Feb-9 March 1962, (41), as 'The Two Friends'; 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Exhibition', Margaret Fisher, London, 1981: oil paintings, (26), as 'Two Friends', £160; 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Memorial Exhibition, Boundary Gallery, London, 15 June-18 July 2001, (14), as 'Friends', £1,300.

literature ed., B. Planskoy, 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Paintings, lithographs and drawings' (London: Peter Halban, 2001), illus., p. 45.

reference 47-f1