Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

Landscape with Goats

(private collection)

description One of a pair of landscapes, painted during the artist's trip to Israel in 1958, showing two white goats grazing beneath an olive tree in an arid, ochre landscape, against a belt of bright, venetian red and a sky vividly painted in king's blue. A second version of this subject employs a similar palette but appears less finished.

date 1958

location Israel

dimensions 29 x 28 cm

medium oil on paper

exhibition history Possibly 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Exhibition', Margaret Fisher, 3 Lambolle Road, NW3, 15-31 Oct 1981, (19), as' Goats Grazing', £65.

literature ed., B. Planskoy, 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Paintings, lithographs and drawings' (London: Peter Halban, 2001), illus., p. 89.

reference 44-f1

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