Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

Cypriot girl

(private collection)

description A head-and-shoulders portrait drawing of a young Cypriot woman, seen in three quarter face view with head turned to the left, her dark hair gathered loosely at her neck and tied behind. This is one of a number of works of members of the London Cypriot community, who migrated to London in significant numbers during the mid fifties and were named by Frankfurther as forming part of her circle of friends, co-worker and sitters in this period. She exhibited a painting at the East End Academy's annual exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1955, under the title 'Young Cypriot', which was commended by the critic of the 'Jewish Chronicle', who advised other exhibitors that, if they were portraitists, 'let them paint people in the flesh before the like of Eva Frankfurther's "Stateless Person" and "Young Cypriot".

date 1956

dimensions 13.5 x 10 cm

medium pencil on paper

literature ed., B. Planskoy, 'Eva Frankfurther 1930-1959: Paintings, lithographs and drawings' (London: Peter Halban, 2001), illus., p. 67.

reference cat34

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