Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

Woman Praying at Shrine

(private collection)

description This is one of a number of works executed by the artist showing women praying at Christian shrines. This composition, showing a barefoot woman with covered head praying at a shrine of the Virgin and Child within a candlelit church interior, was probably made during the artist's visit to the Greek Church at Athens in 1958, although similar compositions can be found from her trip to Italy in 1951, and even within Whitechapel. However, the flag-stoned floor, position of the shrine and treatment of the interior are similar to that in 'Praying at a Shrine', thought to be set within the Athens church, and therefore also thought to date to 1958, although here the palette is brighter and the delineation of figures is more crisp.

date c.1958

location Israel or Greece

dimensions 36 x 29 cm

medium oil on paper

reference 41-f2

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