Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Blonde Woman in Profile
(oil and watercolour on paper) 10-f2

Arab Woman with Hand over Eye
(oil on paper) 11-f2

Girl in Red Checked Dress
(oil on paper) 12-f2

Girl with Dark Red Background
(oil on paper) 13-f2

Girl with Red Curls
(oil on paper) 14-f2

Girl in Coloured Scarf, Israel
(oil on paper) 15-f2

Girl Carrying Wooden Panels
(oil on paper) 16-f2

Arab Chicken-seller
(oil on paper) 17-f2

Arab Man in Courtyard
(oil on paper) 20-f2

Man with White Beard
(oil on paper) 22-f2

Arab Woman
(oil on paper) 23-f2

Arab Woman in Profile
(oil on paper) 24-f2

Woman with Head Beads
(oil on paper) 25-f2

Greek Orthodox Priest
(oil on paper) 26-f2

Young Orthodox Jew
(oil on paper) 27-f2

Oriental Woman in Blue
(oil on paper) 28-f2

Young Monk
(oil on paper) 29-f2