Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Man in Cap with Hands in Pockets
(pencil on paper) SM-JP18

Two Men with Mops
(pen and ink on paper) SM-JP19

(pencil on paper) SM-JP20

Woman in Right Profile, Holding Child
(pencil on paper) SM-JP22

Woman in Left Profile, Lifting Child
(pencil on paper) SM-JP23

Self-portrait in Headscarf (Drawing)
(pencil on paper) SM-JP24

Boy Carrying Bundle on Stick
(pen and ink and crayon on paper) SM-JP25

Seated Couple with Woman Cradling Baby
(pen and ink and wash on paper) SM-JP26

Two Women Conversing
(pen and ink and wash on paper) SM-JP27

Couple, with Woman Resting
(oil on paper) SM-SSB1

Woman with Cap, Holding Child
(pencil on paper) SM-JP12

Man Feeding Pigeons
(oil on paper) SM-BGB2

Seated Boxer
(pen and ink and wash and charcoal on paper) SM28

Woman Cleaner (Front View)
(pen and ink and wash on paper) SM29

Fisherman, Mykonos, Greece
(oil on paper) SM30

Lunch Hour
(oil on paper) SM31

In the Café
(oil on paper) SM32

The Court Clerk
(oil on paper) SM33

Young Girl, Israel
(oil on paper) SM34