Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Blind Beggar in Blue
(oil on paper) ls4

Arab Man
(oil on paper) ls5

London Hospital (1a)
(Pencil on paper) ls7i

Old Woman with Stick
(lithograph) ls8

All Night Caf, Aldgate
(oil on paper) ls13

Street with Bridge, Florence
(oil on paper) k4916

Chef Smiling
(lithograph) ls9

Golden Yard, Hampstead
(pencil and watercolour on paper) ar-01

Young Woman with Sleeping Baby
(oil on paper) ar-02

Portrait of Man with Blue Bird
(oil on paper) ar-03

Chef with Playing Cards
(pen and ink on paper) ar-08

Portrait of a Young Man in Half Profile
(pen and ink on paper) ar-11

Family Group
(oil on paper) ar-13

Woman and Child
(oil on paper) ar-14

Elderly Jew of the East End
(oil on paper) ar-15

Old Woman of the East End
(oil on paper) ar-16