Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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La Gorilla, Assisi (Study)
(pencil on paper) k0518

Anino at Taverna Medici
(pencil on paper) k0520

Study of Five Heads
(pencil on paper) k0521

Taverna Medici, Florence
(pencil on paper) k0522

(pencil on paper) k0527

Melancholic Art Student, London
(pencil on paper) k0529

East End, London
(pencil on paper) k0530

Jewish Boy, East End, London
(pencil on paper) k0531

Head in Hands
(pencil on paper) k0533

Man with Bandaged Head
(pencil and charcoal on paper) k0535

Man with Moustache
(pen and ink and wash on paper) k0536

Head (2)
(pen and ink and wash on paper) k0537

Flower Seller
(pen and ink on paper) k0652

Mother with Child Sucking Thumb
(pen and ink on paper) k0540b

Loga, Lyons
(oil on paper) 1_oo

Holding Watermelon
(oil on paper) k4798

Woman in Blue
(oil on paper) ls1