Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Woman Holding Baby
(oil on paper) k4858

Street Singer
(oil on paper) k4861

Fishmonger Boy, Whitechapel
(oil on paper) k4868

Street Scene
(oil on paper) k4871

Man Reading
(oil on paper) k4875

Fishmonger, Whitechapel Market
(oil on paper) k4879

East End Pub Scene
(oil on paper) k4880

Young Woman in Headscarf
(oil on paper) k4881

Ground Floor Service
(oil on paper) k4882

Mop Brigade, Lyons
(oil on paper) k4884

Girl Outside
(oil on paper) k4885

Man by Window with Vase
(oil on paper) k4886

Second Hand Clothes Dealer
(oil on paper) k4888