Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Woman with Hands Crossed
(pencil on paper) k0560

Whitechapel, The Waste, 1957
(pencil on paper) k0561

Modtl, 1957 (2)
(pencil on paper) k0563

Sari, 1957
(pencil on paper) k0565

Lyons Waitress Carrying Tray
(pen and ink and wash on paper) k0566

Village Priest, Greece, 1958
(pencil on paper) k0567

Cleaner Resting on Mop
(pen and ink on paper) k0550

Man Resting Head on Hand
(pen and ink on paper) k0594

Drawing of a Woman with Hat
(pencil on paper) k0595

Little Elderly Lady with Fur Collar
(pen and ink on paper) k0596

Woman Buying Cloth at the Market
(pen and ink on paper) k0597

Woman from Israel
(pen and ink on paper) k0599

Queuing for a Job
(pen and ink on paper) k0601

Woman Shielding Face
(pen and ink on paper) k0602

Woman in Bonnet
(pen and ink and wash on paper) k0603

Organ Grinder (Der Leiermann)
(pencil, pen and ink and wash on paper) k4846

Tightrope Walker
(oil on paper) k4848

Lyons Kitchen Staff
(oil on paper) k4849

Jewish Baker
(oil on paper) k4854