Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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(oil on paper) 30-f1

Worker's Dinner Break
(oil on paper) 32-f1

The Bride
(oil on paper) 33-f1

(oil on paper) 34-f1

Portrait of a Woman
(oil on paper) 35-f1

Girl with Rose
(oil on paper) 36-f1

(oil on paper) 38-f1

Young Girl with Coffee Mill
(oil on paper) 39-f1

Orthodox Jew, Whitechapel
(oil on paper) 40-f1

Mother and Child
(oil on paper on wood) 41-f1

Girl with Dove
(oil on paper) 43-f1

Landscape with Goats
(oil on paper) 44-f1

Old Woman in Turban
(lithograph) 45-f1

Newspaper Seller
(oil on paper) 46-f1

(Oil on paper) 47-f1

Young Woman Sewing
(oil on paper) 48-f1

Old Woman in Orange Grove
(oil on paper) 50-f1

Old Woman in Headscarf
(pencil) 52-f1i

Waitress Resting
(oil on canvas) 54-f1