Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Young Man with Moustache
(lithograph) 7-pr

(lithograph) 9-pr

(lithograph) 10-pr

Two Chefs
(lithograph) 11-pr

Street Musician
(lithograph) 12-pr

Old Man Carrying Sack
(lithograph) 14-pr

Beggar Woman
(lithograph) 16-pr

Street Conversation
(lithograph) 18-pr

Woman with Folded Hands (1)
(lithograph) 19-pr

Poor Couple
(lithograph) 20-pr

Yiddishe Moma
(oil on paper) 25-pr

Black Man's Head
(oil on paper) 26-pr

Girl on Lyons Kitchen Staff
(oil on paper) 29-pr