Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Woman in Red Coat and Hat
(oil on paper) 9_ben

Sandwich Board Man
(oil on paper) 12_ben

Young Man, Chin in Hand
(oil on paper) 14_ben

Girl in Red Cap
(oil on paper) 15_ben

Blonde Girl
(oil on paper) 17_ben

Man in Cloth Cap
(oil) 17b_ben

Head of a Young Man (Full Face)
(oil on paper) 20_ben

Chef Resting
(oil on paper) 20b_ben

Sad Girl
(oil on board) 22_ben

Rose in Vase
(oil on paper) 23_ben

Woman Cleaner
(lithograph) 28_ben

Old Woman in Half Shadow
(lithograph) 29_ben

Whitechapel Man in Cloth Cap
(lithograph) 30_ben

Lyons Woman Worker
(lithograph) 3-pr

Lyons Counterhand
(lithograph) 4-pr

Woman with Head in Hand
(lithograph) 5-pr