Eva Frankfurther artist (1930-1959)

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Portrait of a Bedouin
(oil on paper) 50-f2

Two Women with Fish
(oil on paper) 52-f2

Two Women Sitting by the Sea
(oil on paper) 53-f2

Woman Walking in Desert
(watercolour or oil on paper) 54-f2

Woman on Stairs Carrying Child
(oil on paper) 55-f2

Woman with Three Children
(oil on paper) 56-f2

Girl in Red Carrying Child
(oil on paper) 59-f2

Woman Seated on Stone Steps
(oil on paper) 60-f2

Woman Seated House Desert
(oil on paper) 61-f2

Woman in Grey with Coloured Headscarf Holding Melon
(oil and watercolour on paper) 62b-f2

Man Lying Down Reading
(oil on paper) 63-f2

Orthodox Priest, Mykonos
(oil on paper) 64-f2

Chapel Mykonos
(oil on paper) 65-f2

Workers' Tea Break
(oil on paper) 5_ben

Barrister Reading
(oil on paper) 6_ben

Barrister Listening
(oil on paper) 6b_ben

Elderly Man in Profile
(oil on paper) 7_ben